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PixelProtector Screen Clean kit (SOLD OUT - PRE ORDER ONLY)

The PixelProtector Screen Cleaner is our answer to your maintenance needs! Fingerprints, Dust, Smudges are all easily removed with our microfiber cloth and anti-static liquid!

  • Advanced cleaning formula removes residues that other cleaners leave behind
  • 100% Bio, environmental and child safe - no safety precautions to worry about
  • Contains no alcohols, ammonias, detergents or VOC's - nonflammable and odor free
  • Excellent LCD and Plasma display cleaning solution - nothing outperforms PixelProtector advanced screen clean system.
  • Expertly cleans laptops, PDA’s, computer screens, Plasma, LCD and much more.
  • The antistatic formula slows the accumulation of dust.
  • Microfibre cloth leaves no fluff or marks.