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"I wanted to let you know that your PixelProtector DVD was a great success. I had some burn in and a light blue cloud that showed through the images on my LCD screen. I was a little skeptical about trying your DVD but I was desperate to try and fix this problem. When I got the disc I put it in my DVD player and found it so easy to use. I tried the 2 screen washes and the color repair and immediately saw results. I tried it a few more times and it completely removed the burn in and the light blue cloud. My TV has never looked so good. Thank you for this easy to use DVD. I've recommended it to all my friends."
George M, Alameda, CA, USA


"First of all I have to say this is one of the best products I have used for a good while thank you so much, after worrying about the screen burn I had on my plasma panasonic TH42PX60 screen I decided to buy this product. Then I had the worry if I had wasted £25 because it might not do the job, only to be proven wrong, cleared my screen burn easily (in less time than
instructed) highly recommend it, was easy to use and understand, worked a treat even made the picture afterwards better. Could not have asked for a better result."

Andy S, Southport, Merseyside, UK


"My TV is a brand new Hitachi 42 inch Plasma... I used the test screens to calibrate my tv and all I can say is wow!!! My tv now looks a million times better that it did in the showroom, not to mention my living room. I am sold on the calibration screens alone and I am sure that with regular preventive maintenance using Pixel Protector Sreen Washes I will enjoy my tv for years to come...whoever thought of this should be praised....Thanks so much!"
Brad W, Dayton, OH, USA


"I just wanted to say thank you once again for the great service. I’ve been using Pixel Protector DVD since I got it in the mail. I’m happy to say my weird burn in lines are completely gone now. It took a few weeks, but it was worth the wait! I also want to thank you for having such great customer service! Nick was very helpful too! Thank you again for saving my LCD screen and making my tv picture even better than before!

Thanks a million!"

Jarrod & Chris C, Atlanta, GA, USA


"After buying my 1st Pioneer Plasma in September 08, all that I used it for was XBox360 gaming and Blu-Ray movies from new, no SKY or normal TV.

After about a year playing the same XBox game for about 150 hours, I noticed to my HORROR VERY BAD IR/BURN across the top of my screen, the HUD/lifebar from the game NINJA GAIDEN 2. So I set about to cure this problem, if at all possible, I tried ALL the known cures (Snowy picture) etc with no luck. So in my last ditched attempt I ordered the Pixel Protector DVD.

After trying it a couple of times I did see a BIT of improvement so I decided to call NICK at Pixel Protector, we had a lengthy chat (this guy Nick is quite possibly the nicest chap I have spoken to over the phone, he knows what he is talking about) talking about what settings to use on the TV for the Screen Washes:

We came up with this:

Week 1:
1. Set Contrast And Brightness up to about 75%
2. Run Screen Wash 2 for 8 hours Twice a week

Week 2:
As above but Set Contrast And Brightness 5% higher each time
so by week 5 they are both 100%
Well all I can say is that I'm on week 3 and my IR/Burn has virtually GONE and believe me my IR/Burn was very VERY bad... so in conclusion there is hope for everyone with this problem. I can not stress how good this product is, and now with a Blu-Ray version out things can only be better :)

THANK YOU Nick for saving my VERY expensive TV and for this AMAZING product!"

Neil Bennett (Chesterfield)


"I was so impressed with my copy of Pixel Protector that when I heard you had bought out a new version (V2) I contacted your office and asked if I could get a discount as I had already paid for one copy (V1). The response I got was brilliant and far exceeded my expectation. I just wanted to say thank you for the discount and FREE gift! You have the best customer service I have come across and the way in which you responded to my request, made me feel important and valued as a customer. I have told all my friends family about your company and product. Why can’t we have more companies like you out there??...If only you were a Bank!! "
Nicky Stanton (Bristol U.K)


"Hi. Nick. I am sending this email to inform you how pleased I am with your product the PIXELPROTECTOR screen clean. I did use the Monster screen clean. BUT your product is much better. When I order more in the future, does it come in a larger bottle? As I live in Tasmania (Australia) just thinking of postage Also very impressed with the new PixelProtector DVD have printed out the extended user guide as you suggested and it has helped. Once again Nick thanks very much for your help with the transaction that I did with your company. Regards Alan"
Alan L (Tasmania Australia)


"I would like you to know how satisfied I am with all the quality product I purchased from your company. I also found the service you provided to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. I will not hesitate recommending PixelProtector™ to anyone interested in home theater enhancement.
Patrick M.


"By the way I forgot to say since I used the pixel protector on my laptop it has made the 2 dead pixels I had in the middle of the screen start working again. Not sure if it’s supposed to that but it’s fixed the problem anyway. So thank you again."
Kevin, UK


"Thank you very much for a high standard of service, which can be difficult to obtain when using online purchasing. Delivery time was incredibly quick, I received the product less than 48 hours after ordering which was fantastic. The product is also fantastic. I had some Plasma burn on my new 43" Pioneer Plasma from using a Nintendo Wii, the menu screen was clearly visible when viewing a dark scene. After on cycle of each of the screen washes this after image completely disappeared. I was initially very sceptical about your product when purchasing but was willing to try anything to rid me of the plasma burn, however, I was more than pleasantly surprised when it actually worked! Thank you very much again for great service and a great product. The setup features have also helped me maximise the visual potential of my screen, my HD channels look amazing!"
Chris M, Glasgow, Strathclyde, UK


"Thanks very much for quick delivery, great customer service and aftersales treatment second to none. Also Nick is extremely helpful and patient as im useless with these sorts of things and he helped me every step of the way! 5*!"
Steve W, Poole, Dorset, UK