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What is PixelProtector

PixelProtector™ is a DVD based premium screen diagnostic and calibration tool for all types of LCD, plasma and rear projection TV screens. If you own a large flat screen TV and you're serious about achieving optimum performance from your television and you want to preserve the life of your TV set, then PixelProtector™ is for you! The PixelProtector™ DVD is packed full of features that will ensure your television is correctly calibrated to give the sharpest and most colourful image your TV has to offer. With the latest in Plasma Setup tools and LCD Setup tools you can be sure to get a crisper picture.

PixelProtector™ provides a range of tools for video measurement that support a broad range of formats and resolutions. The best measurement of a TV’s picture is of course the viewer's satisfaction with the image being displayed. When looking at a moving image or even a still frame on your display, it can be difficult to know if you have any colour bleed or dot crawl(unless it is severe). Can you be sure that your panel is setup correctly? Using test signals in PixelProtector™ allows you to accurately adjust your screen to its full potential. The quality of analog and digital video systems can been measured indirectly by measuring the distortions of static test signals. Subjective human visual assessments can provide invaluable information for you to optimize your displays image quality. Under/over scan test screens displaying different resolutions clearly shown on screen, allow you to measure against you panels native resolution and adjust settings accordingly for perfect image placement. Specific test signals are provided for aligning and calibrating projection sets, over head projectors and rear projection. PixelProtector™ is the complete video test reference and maintenance tool.


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Pixel Protector V3 took over 3 years to develop and was hugely influenced by the massive input from our customers who have V1and V2. Customer needs were collected, managed and integrated into V3.The new front end interface is even more user friendly and guides the user through the calibration and screen fix tools effortlessly. Audio set-up tools have also been added with graphical indicators for visual reference alongside audible reference tones. User guide issues were resolved for those who need a bit of extra help and guidance a  printable PDF document is on hand to help... just pop the disc in to you PC right click “explore” then print.

The same spirit that bought us the first PixelProtector to the market with its unique screen wash technology has been behind the new V3 leading to improvements in the screen wash tools. Screen burn removal and pixel recalibration times have been reduced by 10% with it's new and improved screen washes.

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine passion for work and progression PixelProtector has grown into a full and comprehensive product that understands the big picture of product development and design for setting up TV's/HDTV’s and home theater systems.