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Screen Clean

screen clean kit

A true breakthrough in cleaning technology, PixelProtector advanced screen clean removes what other cleaners leave behind.

While most cleaning products rely on hazardous and noxious solvents and/or surfactants to cut-through and float soil and debris, PixelProtector employs a revolutionary solvent and VOC free approach to remove soiling, contaminates and bacteria - and PixelProtector screen clean is 100% Bio, environmental and child safe.

It contains no alcohols, ammonias, detergents, harsh chemicals, dyes or odors - don't trust your equipment to anything less.

Furthermore, cleaned surfaces are left with an electrically neutral charge so dust and dirt are not attracted. PixelProtector provides a deep clean you can actually feel.

Do I need a special cleaner for my Plasma or LCD Display Screen? Is PixelProtector Screen cleaner compatible and safe for cleaning my display screen?
Plasma and LCD Display screens are made of plastic. Screen Manufacturers recommend against using alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners. Repeated application of alcohol on plastic may change its color, make it brittle, and can cause fine stress cracking on your screen surface.