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Projection Screens

Projection Screens
Common issues with Projection screens include:

• Alignment
• Picture saturation
• Blown bulb How PixelProtector™ can help resolve these issues:

Most projectors will need to be aligned correctly a couple of times in there life span. PixelProtector™ DVD has a specific menu for set up and calibration of Projection sets. Picture saturation is a common problem among LCD projectors. As light is passed through the LCD chip and optics heat is generated which over time will degrade or saturate the image on screen producing warped colors and uneven contrast. Many projectors produce more heat then necessary as they have not been set up correctly, using the projection test screens will help to reduce high heat levels and avoid picture saturation. When you have a blown bulb you will know about it. You do not need PixelProtector™ DVD to tell you a bulb has blown. However we would of course recommend that you use PixelProtector™ DVD to insure that your set is calibrated and performing to its full potential one the bulb has been replaced.