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Do I need PixelProtector?

YES - It helps keep your Pixels Healthy!

Screen burn, image retention and re-calibrating pixels from static non-moving images left on-screen for extended periods of time can leave a "shadow" on plasma, lcd & projection displays (this is true of models from all manufacturers)

You are normally told to avoid extended display of static images. Games consoles can also have a negative effect on panels.

70% success rate

PixelProtector™ will re-calibrate pixels uniformly and remove any residual effects that may have occurred.

TV channels that have a static logo permanently on screen have a real negative effect on plasma and lcd TV’s. Pixels begin to memorise these images, upon switching channels you will still see the logo in the form of a shadow. After several minutes it will disappear (If not you have burn in). If 99% of the shadow has disappeared you will not notice the 1% that remains. It is the continual build up of the 1%’s that is called residual effect. Not just restricted to TV channel logos. It’s build up over months and even years will lessen the picture quality of you TV. The issues with screen burn and residual effects are far more complex however we have tried to simplify its cause and effect for obvious reasons.

PixelProtector™ can remove burn in and residual effects. It uses a wash tools that switch pixels on and off at a very fast rate (this is not in any way harmful). Included is a white wash for lesser burn in and image fix. In other words it re-calibrates the pixels uniformly by removing any memory they may have.

There are different types and levels of burn in. The most severe of which occurs in the first 200 hrs of the panel's life when pixels are at there most excitable. In this time frame pixels can permanently memorise static images that have been left on screen for prolonged periods.

We have many customers who have removed screen burn from their panels by using the removal tool regularly, as per the instructions in the DVD.

In many cases it can be removed after just one session.

If the burn in is not removed first time, it will have been significantly reduced. Don’t forget it is easier to prevent burn in then it is to remove it!

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