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About us

PixelProtector was founded in 2005.

Originally a independent set-up and testing company dedicated to setting up home theatre products. With an exclusive focus on Plasma, LCD, LED and projection material. The PixelProtector team has developed extensive experience in all areas of screen display testing and set-up ad maintenance.

Although based in the UK and located in Caterham we have a strong history in retailing directly to US consumers and are extra competitive as our prices do not carry any sales tax or import duty.

PixelProtector™ was founded with an emphasis on quality, speed, and value, and PixelProtector™ DVD and Blu-ray Editions have grown to become market leaders in display set-up and testing.

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We have set up thousands of home theatre units from professional to basic home components. In our own experience we needed something extra to help us get the best possible set up for our customers.

With nothing on the market really giving us the edge we wanted, we set about developing our own calibrating system that could meet the demands of new technologies like plasma, lcd, dlp and sed.

After collaborating with qualified and experienced engineers we developed PixelProtector™ DVD Edition. Since using our own product on installs and seeing the difference it made on setup and how it provided customers with maintenance tools that were easy to use and helped to maintain a high standard of picture quality on an ongoing basis, we decided to bring it out for public use.

Most audio visual equipment in homes are not set up to get the best out of them. We believe we have found a real solution and we hope to improve picture quality and maintain panels for years to come.

About Pixel protector

Our vast knowledge in Plasma, LCD, DLP technologies brought about the development of PixelProtector™ DVD. This has been at the forefront of calibrating and maintaining flat screen technologies. As customer's needs change, we will endeavour to maintain our leadership and to develop cutting-edge products. We will adopt a time-to-market policy so that customers are the first to take advantage of every new and successful development made by our team. This is Codeaxa's cutting-edge to competitive-edge strategy - First in the field so that you are first to benefit!


Innovation and technical knowledge is our strength, but we rely heavily on the quality aspect for long term success. We invest in training and offer a positive environment so that our people can focus on the task ahead and to produce quality products we are proud of. They remain OUR most valuable assets!


PixelProtector is just half of the picture, the other half is obviously our customers. Without them - we will not exist! Therefore, every effort is to offer the very best in customer service. For sustainable business growth, we strive on building the strongest relationships and to breaking down the barriers of language and culture.


With Innovation, Quality, and Service, brings Value. This is the end product of our business ethics and remains the single most important element we offer to customers - Value in cutting edge products - Value in high quality leading to high levels of customers.