PixelProtector Blu-ray

A REVELATION IN SCREEN SET-UP AND MAINTENANCE. ENHANCE YOUR HDTV’S PICTURE TO IT MAXIMUM. NO OTHER BLU-RAY DISC OFFERS FULL CALIBRATION AND PIXEL FIX SOLUTIONS LIKE PIXELPROTECTOR BLU-RAY. PixelProtector Blu-ray has been developed with home users in mind. During its development stage one of the main obstacles we had to over come was insuring every one could use it (not just engineers and techno buffs). We tested PixelProtector Blu-ray on many groups of people whose feedback was invaluable in making it the No.1 product in its field. We back up our product with full on-line support and help for all our customers. PixelProtector provides a real user friendly solution to making sure your TV is performing to its full potential and that you are getting the best out of your equipment. It easy to use - All you need is a Blu-ray player! Updated Screen Washes for amazing results. Full 1080p HD Quick and simple calibration and screen burn removal tools. New 5 step calibration process making it easier than ever to set-up HDTV’s picture. HDTV hook-up guide with practical diagrams. Easy to use and backed up by full support from PixelProtector. See the difference PixelProtector Blu-Ray makes to your TV’s picture quality. PPBRV2.1.P

PixelProtector Blu-ray
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